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What is 315 STRONG?

315 Strong is not only an amazing group of men and women who compete in the sport of strongman. We also put on and promote some of the top contest in the state of New York. Heading into our 5th year we hope to see you at a contest soon.

Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events

Training With 315 STRONG

Jamie Hantke

Jamie Hantke has 20 years of training and football experience. National Champion for the CNY Express in 2004, MLFN All-American in 04 & 05, Played for the Syracuse Soldiers in Arena Football and has competed in and owned 315 Strong since 2015.

He has also coached numerous youth sports including football, basketball, baseball & softball. Jamie has held Board positions as Vice President of Apple Valley Timberwolves Youth Football and Vice President of Softball for Syracuse Little League.

Training Options

Monthly Programming - $50/month

Hourly Personal Training - $40/hour

For more information on training packages or team group training please contact us at


I have been trained by multiple professional strength coaches throughout my hockey career, and Jamie is just as good if not better than all of them. Jamie made me stronger than I have ever been in a short period of time, and I highly suggest that you have him train you if you want to become faster and stronger.

Luke Kirwan
Hockey - University of Prince Edward Island

When I walked into Blood Iron Barbell in July of 2019 for Jamie's beginners strongman class I could maybe deadlift 315 lbs for a single with a week's rest and a bit of good luck. Shortly after the class was over I signed on with Jamie as my coach. Less than a year later I pulled 415 lbs for a double with an axle, and now a little short of a year and half later I'm on the doorstep of a 500 lb deadlift. That's the kind of progress you can expect, that's the kind of progress I see around me with all his other trainees in the 315 strong crew.

Despite what some people say or you might read there is no perfect program or secret routine that will get you strong. Yes there are training methods that work, but what really matters is consistency and the work you put in. You need to show up every day and hit every rep. That is what you get from Jamie, he will push you and make you work HARD. He'll also make you shake your head and laugh a few times too, but he does that for free.

He doesn't train just bored middle aged guys like me just trying to stay healthy either. I've seen him have success with highschool athletes and seniors, and even those with disabilities. So whatever your circumstance if you want to get strong and learn to pick up heavy stuff that looks cool, give Jamie a call.

Taylor Betit

I've been training with Jamie for about six months. His training and programs have far exceeded my expectations. And likewise my strength and abilities have increased exponentially. I'm beyond elated with the goals I have already achieved and look forward to those of the future.

Nathaniel E. Addley

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