Syracuse's Strongest Co-ed Team IIV

Blood Iron Barbell - February 8, 2020
Event Details

Blood Iron Barbell


February 8, 2020

Weight Classes

Novice LW & Open LW
Combine weight below 370 lbs

Novice HW & Open HW
Combine weight above 371 lbs

Masters (40+) Open weight Class


$100 ($50 each competitor)
Entry fee is non-refundable


Partner #1
Partner #2


Circle of Death

The Circle of trust we must know who has our back, But in the circle of death we must know who really is willing to put it all on the line and take the trip to Valhalla . This Overhead Medley starts with either partner, But the partner that starts must finish before the other goes. Each person only needs to press each implement once.

Time Limit: Time 60 seconds to finish all 8 lifts

Equipment: Belt (to side or back) Chalk, Elbow and knee sleeves and wrist wraps

DQ if anything is dropped from overhead

10 minute deadlift

In the old saying you are only as good if you work together. (OK maybe I just said that) but, Each person must work to a deadlift max loading and unloading your own weights. Take as many attempts as you like. Biggest combined total wins.

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Equipment: Belt, Knee and Elbow sleeves, Wrist straps (No Hooks) NO DEADLIFT SUITS

Who drops it first

Do you think you can handle the pressure? Well we will see about this. Ladies you pick up the Conan’s wheel and keep walking in a circle, Fellas you pick up and hold a heavy wheel barrel (Wheels Will be set so they don’t move) and we find out who has more intestinal fortitude to outlast the other. Time stops when either person drops.

Time Limit: As long as needed

Equipment: Belt, Elbow and Knee Sleeves and chalk

Last team standing Farmer Carry

That good ole grip will be tested all day long, but in this event we put it to the test. Are you willing to rip a callus for your partner?

The starting weights are listed. Your team keeps going until one person doesn’t finish. 30 feet each run. If you finish you go back in line for next weight. 20lb jumps ladies 40 for guys.

Equipment: Belt, Knee and Elbow sleeves and chalk

Keg over bar

The simplicity of this event makes it easy, but you must wait for your partner to load their keg before you get to go. If your partner can’t ring the bell to keep going that’s it you are done with whatever reps you hit.

Time Limit: 60 seconds

Equipment: Belt, Knee and Elbow sleeves and chalk

Event Weights

Event Novice LW Novice HW Masters Open LW Open HW
Circle Of Death
Ladies: 45/100/60/90
Men: 100/200/125/200
Ladies: 55/110/80/110
Men: 100/210/150/225
Ladies: 55/110/80/100
Men: 110/210/150/210
Ladies: 75/130/100/130
Men: 110/220/200/220
Ladies: 85/140/125/140
Men: 120/250/225/250
Deadlift TBD
Who drops 1st
Connan ladies/
Wheel Barrel Hold Men
250/400 275/500 275/500 325/600 350/700
Last team standing Farmers
(20lb jumps ladies)
(40lb jump men)
30ft runs
Open Weight
Open Weight
Open Weight
Open Weight
Open Weight
Keg Over Bar
Height TBD
100/200 125/225 125/225 150/250 175/275